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The Best Testosterone Boosters: Alternative to Steroids Available in 2023

by Michael Davis

One of the essential hormones in the body that help it grow, repair, and flourish is testosterone.

It’s no wonder that it has become a conventional treatment for men who are seeking to pause or even turn back the clock.

For those who want to naturally increase their testosterone levels or deciding on taking a supplement to boost their testosterone, you should not do it blindly. Read this article to understand why testosterone is called the king of anabolic hormones.

What is Testosterone and how is it Produced?

Way back in 1889, a 72-year old scientist named Dr. Charles Brown-Sequard was raving about the miraculous improvements on his physical and mental strength from injecting himself with a combination of blood, testicular fluid, and semen he took from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs.

This “Elixir of Life” was noted by thousands of physicians of the time and only in 1935 did the hormone that is responsible for the energy, remarkable anti-aging and performance-enhancing got the name testosterone.

It was also during this year that two Swiss researchers were able to discover how to synthesize the hormone for commercial use.

From then on, testosterone became the most sought-after hormone not only in health but even more so in sports and fitness. Luckily for the dogs, they don’t have to give up their gonads for the sake of physique and getting younger.

Testosterone is a steroid when you look at its chemical makeup. It is a controlled substance in some countries like in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia while in the rest of the world, you can buy it without a prescription.

It is an androgenic hormone produced by both males and females, but even more in males. It is produced in the testes in males and the ovaries in women.

Another organ, the adrenal glands, which are located above the kidney is also a source but minimal in quantity. The body can produce testosterone in other ways like the conversion of dehydroepiandrosterone in the tissues, commonly occurring in women but only in small amounts and not enough for circulation.

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What Are the Healthy Testosterone Levels?

The levels of testosterone tend to fluctuate during the day. In males, the highest concentrations are during mornings and will slowly decrease throughout the day. The production of testosterone in the body is managed by another hormone, the gonadotropin-releasing hormone which is released every 1-3 hours.

In a healthy late adolescent to young adult males (19-39 years old) the normal range of testosterone is somewhere between 264-916 nanograms per deciliter.

In females over 19 years old, the average level is about 8-60 nanograms per deciliter. However, of the amount mentioned in both sexes, only 25% of them are biologically active.

The rest is loosely bound to albumin, and the remaining is tightly bound to a protein known as serum hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

One factor why your muscles may have reduced the ability to respond to testosterone is because of the high percentage of SHBG in the body. Your testosterone levels may be normal but if most of them are bound to SHBG the total testosterone health is reduced.

Functions of Testosterone in the Body

Testosterone can passively enter the cell and bind to the androgen receptors and interact directly with the nucleus. It can serve as the primary hormone in tissues and sex glands like skin, fat, and hair follicles. It can be converted into estrogen or androgen and act as a prohormone.

Meanwhile, testosterone has more pronounced effects in the adult body. Some of which include:

  • Muscles – it increases protein synthesis which contributes to the increase in strength and muscle mass.
  • Body Fat – it blocks the intake and storage of fat and helps increase the number of fats burning beta-adrenergic receptors.
  • Brain – it improves cognitive ability, sex drive, and memory and has effects on feelings.
  • Heart – it increases the cardiac output and blood flow.
  • Bone – it increases the production of red cell production and growth of our bones and helps maintain bone density.
  • Male sex organs – it supports the production of sperm and its viability. It also promotes erectile function and penis growth.
  • Skin – in the skin, testosterone endorses the production of collagen and produces hair.
  • Kidneys – testosterone helps in the production of erythropoietin that stimulates red blood cell production.

Aside from the necessary functions that testosterone does in our organs, it can also increase the insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). A healthy level of testosterone is an indicator that you have a healthy body and steady immune function resulting to lower mortality rates, an increase in embolic rates, and keeps the level of body fat lower.

Low testosterone level in males is supplemented with testosterone boosters. When it is done, it can improve energy, libido, muscle mass, sexual performance, and the density of a bone mineral.

Testosterone boosters can also help reduce body fat, problems with the urinary tract, and depression. There are researches indicate that transdermal injection of medical testosterone can be an effective therapy for chronic pain in patients with fibromyalgia.

What are Testosterone Boosters and Their Functions?

Many things get better with age like jeans, cheese, and whiskey but not our bodies. As we age, its physical capabilities changed. There are many changes mainly in its muscle mass and strength. The main culprit in males is testosterone.

When men reach the age of 30, most of them begin to experience a decline in this hormone. Many factors contribute to this decline, it can be due to stress or the composition of the body.

The good news is you can have access to testosterone boosters to help increase the levels of testosterone in the body. These are a class of herbal supplements with the sole purpose of increasing testosterone.

They usually contain micronutrients that are needed by the body like zinc which is connected to healthy levels of testosterone. It can also contain adaptogens, a group of supplements that help the body to adapt to stress and help the body in improving sleep.

Testosterone boosters work in the body by increasing the testosterone to a normal range by indirectly supporting the hormone. Its sole purpose is to give the body what a healthy level of testosterone does: stronger muscles, increased libido stronger and bigger muscles, faster recovery from exercise, and many more.

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How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels

Before you turn to supplements and other drugs that are supposed to increase the levels of testosterone in the body, let us discuss the natural ways to improve the levels of testosterone by adopting some lifestyle habits that can also improve the overall health and well-being.

Get enough sleep

In general, lack of sleep can negatively affect the levels of chemicals and hormones for the body to function correctly like testosterone. There is a study proving that testosterone levels can drop in men if they don’t have enough sleep. By making sleep a priority, it may help maintain the testosterone levels. Typically, they need at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Many types of research have shown that eating well is essential in keeping the levels of testosterone and overall health. Low levels of testosterone and overweight can contribute to too many inflammatory conditions and diminished neurological function. Yo-yo dieting and overeating may disrupt hormone levels. You will see this on athletes and active people. The best diet should include whole foods and a healthy balance of carbohydrates and proteins.

Lose Weight

People who are fat or obese have lower levels of testosterone. Obese males between ages 14 and 20 have 50 percent fewer testosterone levels than those who are not overweight.

Stay Active

The more active an individual is, the more testosterone they will have. Since increasing your physical activity is beneficial in weight loss, it has a further effect on the improvement of testosterone levels. The general idea is not to overdo it because more strenuous exercises can also lower the testosterone levels.

Reduce Stress

Long-term and chronic stress can be harmful to the body and can impact the levels of testosterone. This is because stress can elevate the levels of cortisol, a hormone responsible for managing the different processes in the body including metabolism and immune response.

When there are elevated cortisol levels, it can negatively impact testosterone levels. The erratic changes can result in aggression, emotional inhibition, rumination, and many more.

Vitamins and Supplements

Taking vitamin D supplements can contribute to normal levels of testosterone in the body. This can include 15 minutes of direct sunshine each day. Other sources include salmon and other fatty fishes, cereal products, and fortified milk.

It can help increase the DHEA levels in the body that in turn, helps produce testosterone.

Magnesium and Zinc are also needed to maintain the levels of testosterone in the body. These minerals are available in whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, flax seeds, and in pumpkin seeds.

Creatine is also needed in increasing testosterone and found in tuna, beef, and salmon.

Best 3 Testosterone Supplements to Increase Testosterone Levels

In cases where you have tried all the natural ways of increasing your testosterone levels


testogen best testosterone boosterBUY TESTOGEN NOW

Claiming to be the best testosterone booster because of its naturally extracted formula and for providing instant results.

TestoGen is made from 100% natural ingredients that deliver effective and rapid results. For those who want to amplify their performance or increase their stamina while playing or working out then this testosterone booster is for them.

There are many benefits when you incorporate Testogen in your lifestyle. You will numerous benefits especially for those who have low testosterone levels. It is a well-rounded supplement, which means that everyone can take them.

One of the benefits of using TestoGen is promoting natural fat burning. Because not everyone can build muscles fast, losing fat and building muscle is not that easy especially when you reach a certain age. With the help of a testosterone booster like Testogen, you can achieve your body goals.

Even if you are eating the right food and work out extensively, it is still hard and unattainable to build muscles when you reach a certain age. A testosterone booster can assist you in building muscle faster, and you don’t have to struggle.

Other benefits you can get from taking Testogen aside from helping you burn fats and improve your performance is its effects on you your stamina and increasing it, leaving you energized throughout the day.

One of the main symptoms that men tend to encounter as they grow old is a decrease in libido when their testosterone levels are low. A reduction in libido can have disastrous effects like low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and low in sperm count.

Testosterone boosters work naturally while providing remedies to this problem. Plus, it gives them the energy to feel younger.

The ingredients that are used to manufacture Testogen are all-natural and has no side effects. It includes Tribulus Terrestris, D-aspartic acid, Fenugreek extracts, Zinc, selenium, cholecalciferol, Riboflavin, and Panax ginseng.

This supplement has received excellent reviews, and according to them, it delivers what it promises. Men in their 30’s and above who took Testogen have regained their performance, and it works.

It is hugely popular because it contains only natural ingredients and is proven safe and effective. It also helps improve health and wellbeing due to the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • It can amplify stamina to a whole new level
  • It enhances the production of testosterone in the body
  • It helps in losing fat and building muscles
  • Promotes strength and minimizes recovery time


  • You need daily intake for better results
  • It is only available online


testofuel testosterone boosterBUY TESTOFUEL NOW

When it comes to steroid alternatives, TestoFuel seems to have the right formula of ingredients.

Aside from its impressive packaging and a great team to market the product, it is the supplement itself that made it stand out.

It is packed with ingredients that naturally boost the production of testosterone without any harmful side effects.

The reason why it is a trusted testosterone booster is its formulation that specifically targets the increase in testosterone for enhancing performance and strength.

What makes TestoFuel stand out is there is no pixie dusting on its ingredients, just like other companies that claim their ingredients as proprietary blend but, the dosage is so low that there is little effect on the body.

TestoFuel is a unique supplement because it does not hype its labels. All its ingredients in the blend written in detail and they update their formulation based on the latest science and performance.

Because you can see the exact ingredients in their mix, these ingredients can work quite effectively. The main component in TestoFuel is D-aspartic acid, which is proven to elevate free-testosterone levels in males dramatically.

Other vital ingredients in this supplement are fenugreek, b-vitamins, oyster extract, and many others. This supplement is not only a safe steroid alternative, but it also contains many ingredients that can help in promoting balance and increase absorption, along with performance and strength.

One of the benefits of taking TestoFuel is it can lower your body fat. Since this supplement can increase the testosterone levels in the body, it can also help you lose your body fat.

There is a science behind why men with higher testosterone levels can train much longer and do higher intensity training to lose their body fat in the gym.

Another excellent benefit of taking TestoFuel is it brings back vitality among males. Imagine if you can bring back the amount of energy you had when you were younger. You can never turn back the clock but using a testosterone booster can help you elevate your energy and get back to being active.


  • It can help you build your muscle and burn fats two and a half times faster than others.
  • It can increase leptin levels to reduce your appetite and hunger so that you’ll have fewer cravings.
  • You can have amazing workouts and the reduced onset of lactic acid buildup.
  • It can give you more energy and better sleep.
  • You will be super focused.


  • You will feel thirsty.
  • It takes time before you feel the full effect.
  • The effects tend to go away when you stop taking them.

3.Testo Max

crazy bulk testo max testosterone boosterBUY TESTO MAX NOW

Testo Max is known as a natural alternative to Sustanon, an anabolic steroid that is synthetic testosterone that is injected to the body to help stimulate the production of testosterone.

Many turned to steroids because they work fast in stimulating testosterone production to improve their physique and sexual functions.

This is an excellent testosterone supplement because it combines natural ingredients that work together in improving blood circulation throughout the body especially to the penis for longer and stronger erections.

It can help stimulate the sex hormones by providing an improvement in the overall sexual performance. Another reason to try this product is there are studies and researches by medical practitioners to prove its claim.

One good thing about Testo Max because it does not contain steroids because it is a great alternative to the artificially created hormone testosterone. They can assist in the development of muscles and speed up the metabolism in the body.

Steroids were allegedly used by Germans during World War II to increase their strength. It has adverse side effects on them like mental issues, aggressiveness, mood fluctuations, bleeding, high blood pressure, and death.

These steroids are in injection form while Testo Max is prepared with natural ingredients and therefore has adverse side effects.

It does not use any illegal steroids to increase the production of testosterone and instead it contains natural ingredients like a testosterone-boosting mix of Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Panax Ginseng, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, Vitamins D, B6, K1 and many more.

What Testo Max can do to the body is it can not only boost testosterone levels, increase strength, and reduce recovery time. Because Testo Max is a legal alternative to the steroid, it is safe to use and is scientifically proven to deliver the most reliable results. It is an all-natural booster that helps in erection, muscle growth, and better bedroom performance.

The ingredients in Testo Max helps the body in producing a higher amount of blood so that it can circulate to the various organs of the body for proper use.


  • It increases testosterone levels.
  • It increases muscle growth.
  • It burns fats efficiently.
  • It increases levels of energy or stamina.
  • There are no side effects because of the all-natural ingredients.


  • It can be a bit pricey, but it is a topnotch supplement
  • It is only available on their website.

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

We should probably address the elephant in the room by now: do testosterone boosters work?  The answer to this question is probably yes.

There are ingredients in this supplement that can help to influence your body to increase its testosterone production. These supplements are not great at boosting the testosterone above your normal levels.

Instead, these boosters act as restorers who return your low testosterone levels to normal. This is like taking Vitamin B12 when you have anemia to restore your energy and reduce fatigue.

But these supplements will not give you super strength and will likely to just process out the extra. This happens because our body regulates the hormone levels well, the extra testosterone above the normal limits you will get will only be processed out.

The Magnificent Eight Natural Testosterone Booster Herbs

Their unhealthy habits and lifestyle primarily cause the problem with low levels of testosterone in men. This is the reason why you need natural supplements to increase the levels of testosterone in the body. Here are some of the powerful herbs that help in boosting the testosterone levels naturally.

  • D-Aspartic Acid – this is a powerful amino acid that is naturally existing and can significantly increase the levels of testosterone. In addition to boosting the testosterone levels, it can help in transporting it around the body, improve sperm quality and production.
  • Vitamin D – this is a fat-soluble vitamin that the skin produces when we are exposed to the sun. When we have enough Vitamin D, our body will have an increase in testosterone production and improve the overall well-being that includes sperm quality.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This is a well-known herb in traditional herbal medicine. It has shown to improve sexual health, sex drive, and increased testosterone levels.
  • Fenugreek – this is an herb-based testosterone booster that can help the body reduce the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Aside from increasing the testosterone levels, it can also help lose fat and improve the body’s overall health.
  • Ginger – this spice is essential in alternative medicine in different cultures all over the world. One of its benefits is an increase in testosterone levels and positive effects on sexual functions.
  • DHEA – or dehydroepiandrosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. Its role is to regulate estrogen and boost the production of testosterone. A quantity of 50 to 100 mg a day can increase the testosterone levels by up to 20%.
  • Zinc – is an essential mineral needed by the body in many of its processes including boosting the testosterone levels and increasing sperm count?
  • Ashwagandha – this is a useful herb that is used in ancient Indian medicine. Aside from helping the body deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way. There are various studies that can help improve the quality of sperm, improve their performance during exercise, fat loss, and increase testosterone significantly.

Final Thoughts

There is no regulation governing the supplement industry since the 1990s and as there are many statements and claims made. They are using lab research, case studies, and tests to make grandiose statements. Some of them may be true, and a few are not.

The most crucial step in taking supplements like testosterone boosters is to know what you are putting into your body. There are many useful and potent testosterone boosters out there, and you should take them in a targeted manner.

You should figure out any potential deficiencies, figure out your goals, and do your research. Just make sure that there will have no harmful side effects when you take your selected testosterone booster.

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