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Muscle Building 101 – The Diet Plan for Bodybuilders

by Michael Davis

Muscle building is a matter of knowing yourself, and knowing your body type is not an exception as it is crucial for the plan that you are going to employ in your muscle building journey.

So, when can you say that your diet plan for muscle building is a good one? Well, the answer is simple, it should be wisely structured that aims to meet the specific needs of an individual in consideration of some factors appropriate for his body.

High-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and essential fats must be taken into account in the creation of a good diet plan. Bearing in mind are the elements of these nutrients particularly their right amount on a daily basis is necessary for the plan itself.

In this article, we will be highlighting one of the most crucial parts of muscle building – the diet or nutritional plan. This plan will only give support to your bodybuilding mission and you will be responsible for the most part of it. Remember that no one can help you on this journey as much as you can do.

Without further ado, welcome to Muscle Building 101 – The Diet plan.

muscle building diet plan


In order for you to make things right, particularly the diet plan, you must first determine your body type – Ectomorph, Endomorph, or Mesomorph.

  • The “hard gainer” body type (Ectomorph)

As the name suggests, it’s the body type that gains weight and builds muscle slower than the other body types. Typically, the body is petite with lengthy limbs and has a low-fat ratio.

  • The “soft gainer” body type (Endomorph)

While this body type develops muscle and gains weight quickly, the metabolism rate is quite slow. Usually, people with this body type has a round physique, in women, fats are easily buildup specifically on their thighs, hips, and waist.

People with this body type naturally have broad shoulders, lean waist, and well-defined limbs. Athletic body type can manage bodybuilding without much effort.

These three are the most common body types, which only means that you can be categorized in any of the three, but then, some people can be a mixture of two or all body types.


Macronutrients including polyunsaturated fatty acids, complex carbohydrates, and high-quality proteins should be highly prioritized in the diet for building muscles.

Consumption of these macronutrients must be consistently maintained, for example, protein synthesis is necessary for bodybuilding, but for our body to synthesize protein, it needs a regular supply of it to sustain the high concentration of amino acids in the blood.

In the same way, regular consumption of vitamins and minerals is as essential to your meal plan as macronutrients are.


Protein is one of the major bodybuilding components wherein amino acids like isoleucine, valine, and leucine comprises it. A high-protein diet is substantial to stabilize the repairing of the body after every exercise.

Both animals and plants are a good source of protein e.g. lean meat, soya, eggs, and other dairy products to name a few. Protein shakes are also popular with bodybuilders so you might want to consider adding it to your meal plan to gain muscle.

*Recommendation: 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight must be consumed on a daily basis.


Since carbohydrates are your muscle’s primary source of energy, insufficient consumption will negatively impact your muscle building progress. That being the case, it’s clear that the more carbohydrates the better – don’t worry about overconsumption of carbohydrate because the body has its way to store the remaining sugar in the form of glycogen which works as a reserved energy that can be used should the need arise. Complex carbohydrates can be found in oatmeal, brown rice, and various whole grain products

*Recommendation: 4 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight must be consumed on a daily basis. Avoid short-chain carbohydrate compounds like glucose as much as possible given that it can rapidly elevate your blood sugar levels.


Along with protein and carbohydrate, a good supply of healthy fat completes and spices up your diet plan for building muscle.

Many body processes including hormone production and the release of testosterone involve quality fatty acids. These unsaturated fats can be acquired ideally from plant oils (coconut and walnut) and fish oils.

*Recommendation: 1 gram of fat per kilogram of body weight must be consumed on a daily basis.


muscle building meal plan


A minimum of 6 meals a day promotes calorie surplus – more calorie means a higher chance of muscle gains. The best way to do this is to eat in small portions every 2 hours to reduce chances of catabolic (breakdown) state. This will also balance the level of your blood sugar as well as your metabolism rate which all affects your physical and mental functioning.


Simple carbohydrates or bad carbohydrates such as sugar in soda should be avoided. Your weightlifting meal plan should focus primarily on supplying abundant carbohydrates that are compound since they are processed slowly which is good for stabilizing blood sugar levels and long-term energy supply.


You can’t just have too many carbohydrates but insufficient protein and fats. These nutrients you intake should be balanced all the time. Make every meal full of macronutrients – whole-grain foods (carbohydrates), beef and chicken meat (protein), and coconut oil and fish (fats).

A high number of bad fats in your meal plan will only decline your physical and mental performance throughout your muscle-building mission.


Some people are having a hard time consuming enough amount of nutrients on a daily basis, a good thing, dietary supplements are available and can deal with that difficulty as they are specially formulated to enhance muscle building processes. You can include these dietary supplements:

  • Whey protein – energy-boosting protein for the muscles
  • Creatine powder – intensifies athletic performance
  • L-glutamine – helps in the recovery and regeneration processes after every workout


One of the most important matters to consider in muscle building is your pre and post-workout meal. You need to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of energy before, during and after a workout.

  • Pre-workout meal: You need to consume a meal consisting of complex carbohydrates and protein ideally one hour before exercise e.g. 1 cup of brown rice and chicken.
  • Post-workout meal: You need an effective replenishment after working out to maintain sufficient nutrients that your body needs. Within 30 minutes post-workout, you must fuel your body with a substantial meal rich in protein and fast carbohydrates like a protein shake made of strawberry and banana is ideal. High-quality protein foods like meat and egg whites in combination with complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and potatoes must be devoured preferably one hour after a workout.


A sufficient intake of fluids, most importantly water, is crucial for your body to maintain in good condition and regenerate as it should be. Water is one of the most essential components our body relies on, without water, you can be dehydrated which will cause a decline in vital body processes. Preferably 2 to 3 liters per day or more if you are working out to compensate for the lost fluid.

Since 60% of the human body is made up of water, it only supposes that drinking is a must, and when I say drinking, it’s not just for the sake of quenching your thirst but reserving some for the next couple of hours.


Prevent hunger pangs or the practice of eating a meal as soon as you get hungry by developing a well-planned diet for building muscle particularly concentrating on the required amount of calories on a daily basis as it’s crucial for a consistent muscle building and growth.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – you should never ever skip it. Eating healthy foods including green leafy vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C and potassium is beneficial for your body. Replace coffee and soda with a fresh orange juice as it flushes out many toxins from the body and boosts your immune system in the long run.

Tip: A protein shake 30 minutes before bed can assist in the recovery and progress of muscles.


People are different in many aspects of life and body composition is not an exception. How the body absorbs nutrients and react to exercise routines vary from person to person. You might’ve asked yourself once “Isn’t there a better way?”

Sometimes, things will not turn out the way you wanted but that’s absolutely fine because steroids got your back. I’m assuming that what you’re thinking now – “Steroids come with bad side effects, don’t they?”

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Although this diet plan has proven its efficacy, it may never work without you putting it into action and sustaining it in the long-run. You might think that your adherence to this plan is the only thing that matters but definitely NO.

You may consider welcoming this diet plan to your muscle-building journey, however, if you notice that it’s not working no matter what, something you’re doing might not be ideal for you. The fact that it’s not working on you doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not an effective diet plan, perhaps, it might be your individual needs and lifestyle that should be taken into consideration. If in any case, this happens, go back to how we started – muscle building is a matter of knowing yourself.

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