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Prime Male Review 2023: Does it Really Work for Males Over 40?

by Michael Davis

Testosterone plays a vital role in men. And for plenty of reasons. It is the hormone responsible for many of their masculine attributes. It also determines the number of other factors, like developing his physique and physical performance. Testosterone levels also impact sexual drive.

The thing about testosterone is, its levels decline with age. When the T-levels are down, men tend to gain weight, lose their interest in sex, and gets tired easily.

The good news is there are testosterone supplements like Prime Male that can help males with declining T-levels reclaim their strength, stamina, and drive. Whether it is effective or not, these products may help, but it will depend on how well you choose them.

Read our detailed review of this testosterone booster and find out why this brand name is making a splash all over the internet.

What is Prime Male?

prime male testosterone booster


Prime Male has been touted by its manufacturer as the next best thing in testosterone boosting. It is a natural supplement that promises to improve overall health, which in turn could bring a better quality of life in males.

This supplement is part of the Prime Male Vitality Complex, a line of natural products that boost health in males.

The supplement provides a wide range of benefits to the users, including pronounced muscularity, and you know, their greatest ahead. In short, testosterone can determine how manly a male can be, and Prime Male can assist in making sure that the testosterone levels will not go low.

This males supplement is designed to increase the body’s testosterone levels. What makes it different is from the rest of the testosterone boosters out there is it does not incorporate testosterone on its ingredients. Instead, it uses a range of natural ingredients that can increase the production of testosterone in the body.

Prime Male is an excellent way to boost the levels of testosterone without doing bad for the heart. Its marketing strategy pushes for the idea of providing a way to make men feel and look younger and can help turn back the clock on aging. In summary, it can make males feel stronger, more agile and virile, and with a more toned physique.

This product is manufactured by a UK based firm called Propura Ltd. According to the company, Prime Male is produced in an FDA-approved facility using natural ingredients that are scientifically proven in promoting an increase in testosterone production. Furthermore, this supplement has no undesirable effects on users across age and race.

The Benefits of using Prime Male

This breakthrough testosterone booster helps the body achieve the right balance of natural testosterone in the body. Plus, it has plenty of benefits including the following:

  • More energy and strength to build strong, lean muscles
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Strong bones
  • Elevates the mood
  • Boost libido for better performance
  • Lowers the blood pressure
  • Improve overall cardiovascular health
  • Control blood sugar levels
  • Maintain prostate health
  • Improves skin
  • Enhanced the mind’s cognitive function

Aside from being a testosterone booster, Prime Males is also touted as a magic supplement for those who are suffering from the devastating effects of hypogonadism, low energy levels, and depression. It can also promote an increase in libido and sexual drive, helps keep the body fit and achieve the tome physique that men are after.

Testosterone is an important male hormone and is responsible for many functions in the body. It also aids in its development. So, when males experience a decrease in testosterone, it should be taken care of right away.

prime male bodybuilding


How to Use Prime Male?

Like any other male supplements, Prime Male is taken with water. The product is recommended for males who have low testosterone levels that tend to decrease with age. Ideally, men who are over 30 are the best candidate as they may feel some of the symptoms of low T-levels at this point.

The recommended dosage for Prime Male is four capsules daily, and to achieve its maximum effects, it should be taken on a full stomach. A bottle of this supplement contains 120 capsules, which is a good 30 day supply. Following the prescribed dosage is highly recommended because each capsule contains about 750mg of ingredients.

The main rationale behind taking this capsule is to maintain the right amount of testosterone in the body. Our body can only take a maximum amount of food to synthesize.

In Prime Male, you don’t have to worry about the 4 capsules intake a day going to waste. The four-hour cycle is just enough for the body to absorb the ingredients and maximize them. It should help the body achieve a natural level of testosterone for the whole day.

Since Prime Male is a natural booster, there is no issue of overdose. It can be used as a supplement throughout your life. It is not a prescription and free of synthetic ingredients that are harmful to the body. It will not interfere with your diet or with your body processes.

To get the maximum benefit of weight loss, it is recommended that you follow a diet plan and exercise regimen to get your daily calorie requirements. The best time to take this supplement is at the following hours: 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm. It is best to have them with a meal or snack.

Does Prime Male Work?

The way Prime Male works is pretty straightforward. Its potency lies in its ingredients that work directly on the sex organ and adrenal glands to secrete the right amount of testosterone the body needs. It does not supply the body with direct testosterone instead it stimulates the natural process of testosterone production much like when you are younger.

What makes Prime Male work lies in what the combination of its natural ingredients can do. These ingredients came from the best natural sources, so you will not feel any discomfort when taking the product. These ingredients have been clinically proven to correct the anomalies in testosterone production before.

Just imagine what it can do when it’s combined with the rest of natural testosterone boosters. The overall effect would be elevated T-levels in no time. It will supply the body with enough nutrients it needs to naturally produce testosterone.

Prime Male works on males 30 and above because anyone who is below this age does not need T-levels boosting.

Is Prime Male Safe?

This testosterone booster is safe for males who need help with their testosterone production. There are two things that you should understand about it. First, it is not medicine. Unlike medicines that you should stop taking once you have felt its efficacy and achieve your objectives. With Prime Male, you can continue using the supplement in the prescribed usage as long as you want.

Second is it’s free from side effects. Because this supplement is made from tried and tested ingredients, you don’t have to worry about experiencing side effects. These ingredients work directly with the body to boost testosterone production and work on providing health benefits to the body.

Prime Male does not need dieting nor will it interfere with your diet. But for better results, particularly on weight loss, adhering to a proper diet plan is highly recommended.

A Closer Look at Prime Male Ingredients

We have been discussing the effectiveness of Prime Male because of its ingredients. Here is a closer look at what each capsule of Prima Male contains.

It is one of the most powerful and effective ingredients in Prime Male that is guaranteed to boost testosterone levels. The Calcium Chelate in this supplement is soluble in water and any other forms of D-AA. With greater solubility comes improved absorption and bioavailability without causing stomach issues. That is good news considering that there is a significant amount of calcium chelate present here.

This ingredient is responsible for boosting the luteinizing hormone which stimulates the production of free testosterone. More free testosterone means to increase strength, sex drive, stamina, and energy.

The chelate form of Boron used in Prima Male can increase the testosterone levels by a maximum of 28%. This increase is achieved by decreasing the amount of sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBG. It also helps in reducing the estrogen levels by 39%.

Another ingredient used in generous quantities in this supplement is Korean Red Ginseng. When using alone, it can increase the testosterone levels causing significant improvements in sexual performance and quality of erections. It can also boost energy and the immune system. On the part of testosterone production, it reduces the glucose levels to reduce the interference in Testosterone production.

This ingredient helps in testosterone production by lowering the SHBG levels. Prime Male uses the citrate form of magnesium which is better than other lower-quality forms of Magnesium.

  • Luteolin

Luteolin is a powerful aromatase inhibitor that slows down the production of estrogen, which is a testosterone-killing hormone.

The primary role of this ingredient in Prime Male is to prevent the body from running out of free testosterone. Aside from that, it is also a natural provider of L-Dopa. This is a compound responsible for the increase in testosterone and human growth hormone production. It also stops the production of another testosterone inhibitor called Cortisol.

This nutrient is responsible for stimulating the androgen receptors that signal the testes in producing more of the male hormone, testosterone. Aside from this role, it is also responsible for the absorption of other ingredients of the supplement in the body.

  • Nettle Root

The natural compounds in Nettle root bind with SHGB that frees up the testosterone in the body for its use. It also contains beta-sitosterol which also supports the increase in testosterone.

  • Vitamin D3

Significantly low levels of Vitamin D in men is directly connected to lower testosterone levels in men. Taking a regular dose of Prime Male will help increase Vitamin D levels to increase the T-levels.

  • Vitamin K2

Prime Male uses the highest form of Vitamin K2, which is Menaquinone-7. This is more effective than other forms and it not only boosts the T-levels but also helps Vitamin D to reach its full potential.


Side Effects of Using Prime Male

As you can see on the list of ingredients for this supplement, it does not use any synthetic or harmful ingredients. These ingredients do not produce any negative side effects on the body as all these ingredients are safe and scientifically tested.

However, this does not mean that Prime Male is automatically safe. There are certain contents in the product that may react with your medications or existing health conditions. It is better to consult with your physician before taking the product.

While Prime Male is generally safe, some of the side effects that you might experience include nausea, headaches, and heart palpitations.

What Customers Has to Say About Prime Male?

You can find many positive reviews online about this brand. According to one customer from the United States, who is 50 years old, and used Prime Male for three months, he experienced positive results. He mentioned that this is the best testosterone booster he has used and produced the best results. He was surprised by the weight loss, which he did not expect.

Another user from the US has all praises for the supplement. He finds that the supplement increased his T-levels, helped improve his focus, and boost his energy levels. This user has tried using other T-boosters before but only Prime Male made a huge difference.

Results from Using Prime Male

Prime Male is a natural supplement that helps males in their fight against decreasing testosterone levels as they age. It contains natural ingredients that boost the natural production of testosterone. With a balanced level of testosterone, they will notice the following results:

  • Weight loss and lean physique
  • Increase in energy levels and stamina
  • Improved mood
  • Better sex drive and improve libido
  • More self-confidence and virility

Final Thoughts

Males always want to feel and look young. Thanks to testosterone, they have the muscularity, stamina, energy, and sex drive that makes them all manly. However, age can be a factor that will decrease their body’s ability to produce testosterone like in their 30s. The natural testosterone booster Prime Male can help the body regain its capability to produce testosterone just like when they were young without side effects.

Our Prime Male Review has discussed the effectiveness of this product and the user’s testimonials can reinforce its benefits. This means that Prime Male is a valuable product that is worth the try.

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