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Cabbage Soup Diet – Does it Work For Weight Loss?

by Michael Davis

Cabbage is a pretty well-known ingredient or vegetable that is sometimes even used daily by people who want to stay in shape or stay slim or maybe even to transform their looks.

Cabbage is used for a lot of things. Some people even made something like pizza from cauliflower. Cabbage is also used for a lot of purposes as well, not just cauliflower.

Cabbage is very healthy and can be used in a number of ways. You might even find some restaurants that mainly focus on cabbage.

On their menu, you can even find something like cabbage soup, which is what we’re going to focus on today. Not only can this be found in a restaurant, but it is also can definitely be made at your home.

Cabbage provides you with a lot of health benefits that are given to you if you do eat anything that includes cabbage.

Whether it would be your salad or your soup, plus, cabbage soup can be mixed with other vegetables to make your diet more nutritious and even lose some or even a lot of weight.

But if you are trying to lose weight, I’d say that you should never starve yourself if you are trying to do this. Just as long as you have a healthy and balanced diet, getting enough exercise, and basically just trying to be the best version you can be.

Even just walking your dog daily, or at least almost daily, will help you a lot. Don’t forget about eating your vegetables, too, especially food with cabbage or cabbage soup. This will definitely help you in your journey to achieving your dream body.

cabbage soup diet

What Are the Different Nutrients and Vitamins Will You Get from Eating Cabbage?

As you could’ve guessed, cabbage contains a lot of nutrients and will definitely be able to turn your life around. So, what exactly are these nutrients we can get?

Let’s start with the vitamins that we will be able to get when we go on a cabbage soup diet. Even just a single cup or eighty-nine grams of cabbage will amount to a lot of nutrients. So, we’re going to talk about those nutrients.

With one cup of cabbage, you’ll get a total of twenty-two calories, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate, manganese, one gram of protein, and two grams of fiber.

If you’re asking me, I’d say you are getting a pretty good deal, especially if we are going to mix in other ingredients into our soup. But it does depend on what you want to do. So, in the next paragraph, we are going to talk about an ingredient you can mix with your cabbage soup.

Now, let’s talk about some of the other vegetables out there that you can mix with cabbage to make your diet so much healthier.

Cauliflower is a pretty famous ingredient as well, it mixes well with other vegetables such as cabbages, and other vegetables out there.

This vegetable is not only very nutritious, but it’s also very yummy. A lot of people have made things like pizzas, salads, and a bunch more things with cauliflower, which you might be surprised how easily cauliflower can replace a lot of food out there. Cauliflower is also actually considered to be a superfood. And to be honest, why wouldn’t it be?

I mean, you can make a lot of things out of it and can still be very healthy whether it would be pizzas, salads, or soups. Not only is this great for diets but for others who are also trying to become a vegetarian.

Well, now, you might be wondering, why and how is cauliflower healthy? Well, if you’re wondering, then we do have the right answer for you.

If you recall, I did say that cauliflower was a superfood. Why is it a superfood? Well, it is a superfood because it’s very nutrient-rich content. It is also high in things such as fiber, vitamin B, and vitamin C. It actually also does contain really high concentrations of things such as glucosinolates and carotenoids or antioxidants as well.

Why Should You Try the Cabbage Soup Diet?

Anyway, moving on from that topic, let’s talk more about cabbage and cabbage soup. Let’s talk about the different benefits you can get from eating a soup of cabbage, so let us move on to that topic instead, starting with our number one reason.

  • As mentioned earlier, cabbage does provide you with a lot of health benefits and will give you the nutrition you need in your day-to-day life. It does contain a lot of nutrients that you would probably like to have, such as vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, and a lot more. Basically, eating cabbage will make you healthier and stronger, so why would you even say no to that?
  • Digestion can be different for everyone, based on what they usually eat. Eating cabbage will improve this digestion of yours and will help you a lot if you are trying to go on a diet and be slimmer. This vegetable is full of a kind of carbohydrate that will make digestion so much easier. It will pretty much help your large intestine a lot. Exercising will also help you achieve overall better digestion as well. So, if you are planning on slimming down, this is a good reason as to why you should not only eat cabbage but all of its different recipes as well, such as cabbage soup.
  • High blood pressure is something that a lot of people do suffer from, wherever you are living in this world. Maybe even a friend, family member, or even you could be suffering from this. If you do want to help others who do suffer from this, we recommend that you talk to them about eating more cabbage, I mean, you could even join them in their journey as well, even if you’re not suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Basically, just eating a lot of vegetables, like cabbage, will also help you in decreasing your probability of getting a disease such as diabetes, heart disease, or obesity. We should all pretty much just eat a lot more vegetables if we want to improve the probability of us surviving longer, and along with these diseases also comes things like lowering your cholesterol level as well. This is another important factor if you actually do want to live longer.
  • Cabbage can also be mixed with other ingredients if you do want to make your diet a lot more nutritious. As mentioned earlier, you can even add things like cauliflower to your cabbage soup. But that is definitely not the only thing that you can mix with your cabbage. Since there are still a lot of healthier ingredients that you can definitely experiment with to make the right cabbage soup that will be for you and your tastes. It is also definitely a good idea to do this if you do not find cabbage itself to be appealing, adding your own twists will also make every day more fun when it comes to preparing your meal.

If you are focusing on the more diet part of eating cabbage soup, and how eating cabbage will pretty much make you thinner and make you healthier.

Just in case you did come here just for this, then there is no need to worry if you did come here just for that. Since right now, we are going to talk about how eating cabbage, to be more specific, cabbage soup, will make your journey to a slimmer body much easier and be the journey that will be enjoyable for you.

Before we do that though, if you do want to achieve your goal with a cabbage soup diet, you should always remember to eat cabbage soup or cabbage on a daily basis and drink water on a daily basis as well.

Exercising is also another way to make your journey faster. But if you aren’t used to it, it can be quite difficult to adjust to exercising regularly, not to mention that this is definitely purely optional.

Anyway, back to our list of how having a cabbage soup diet will pretty much just make you slimmer.

  • Drinking a lot of water and cabbage daily, will pretty much just help you lose some water weight that is being stored inside of your body. It just removes the excess water from your body. It is important to do this regularly on a daily basis, though, for it to work.
  • As mentioned earlier, eating cabbage will help with your digestion, allowing you to lose a lot more weight. Eating it regularly is important as well. Cabbage does actually contain quite a lot of fiber and other nutrients that will help you in losing weight that you want to lose. Eating cabbage will also help people with digestive tract issues as well. So, if you do have a digestive tract issue, trying this will also help you.
  • Cabbage also actually contains pretty high levels of both vitamin A and vitamin B. It does pretty much just boast major anti-inflammatory properties. If you do plan on eating cabbage only for its debloating properties, it would definitely be a much better choice for you to with red cabbage over green cabbage, just a little tip to help you in your journey as well.

What are the Letdowns?

Sadly though, not everything can and will be advantaged since even a cabbage soup diet contains some disadvantages that you should look out for. So, if you do want to look at the different disadvantages, then we definitely do have it for you. So, let’s start a list of the disadvantages that you should see, just in case.

  • Depending on the recipe that you will choose for your cabbage soup, it is really important to find the perfect recipe. Since you might end up with a soup with too much sodium or too much of another substance, you should be careful about choosing your recipe. Although it is a good idea to experiment with your cabbage soup, you should be aware and know all of the measurements of each ingredient that you do put into the soup.
  • Even though eating vegetables and cabbage is good, it still does have a low amount of carbohydrates and other nutrients that will pretty much just give you the energy you need. So, it is a much better idea to do this for only just a week or even less than a week at a time. Plus, if you aren’t that committed, you can even have cheat days. But if you do have the determination to eat nothing but cabbage soup for a week, then go for it, just don’t overdo it. Since it might harm you and your body, you might end up starving yourself from carbohydrates.
  • It might be surprising to you, but some reports have actually said that people who did go through this diet did end up having to go through some headaches. So, if you’re pretty okay with having headaches while going through the diet, I mean, why not?
  • Having this diet will not allow you to drink anything but water or any unsweetened juice, so if you’re pretty much in love with something like apple juice, it could be kind of difficult to not drink some of it. If you’re committed to doing this diet, so determined to give up your favorite drink for a week or a few days, then you should definitely try this diet out.
  • The cabbage soup diet will also maybe attack and lose some of your muscle tissues. So, if you’re also trying to get buff, while also going through this diet, it might get kind of difficult to keep on growing your muscles.

Anyway, I do hope that this article did help you with the cabbage soup diet. I hope that this allowed you to see all the disadvantages and advantages that you’ll get from this diet. And just always be sure that you’re not destroying your body and not eating enough anymore.

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