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Capsiplex Supplement Review – Is it Effective for Weight Loss?

by Michael Davis

The UK-based company, Wolfson Berg Limited which trades as Bauer Nutrition has quite a formidable reputation as far as various health and weight loss supplements are concerned.

Even though the brand is missing on popular and authentic customer-feedback platforms like the Better Business Bureau or the Trustpilot, its mouth of word advertising and commendable reputation has left many competitions behind.

Here, we place its popular supplement, Capsiplex under the scanner and look at it from various aspects to understand its effectiveness and worthiness.

What is Capsiplex?capsiplex fat burner

Capsiplex is a high-quality capsicum based weight loss supplement which is supposed to work via controlled means to burn calories and deposited fat in the body.

Popularly hailed as a ‘calorie-burner’, this diet pill tends to suppress your hunger while increasing calorie burning and boosting your energy levels to help you remain in optimum health condition.

Moreover, it does not require you to exercise a lot to lose the excess flab. It also contains ingredients which ensure that you do not gain back the weight once you have lost it.

The effectivity of the supplement is also increased by its unique design and structure. It has three distinct layers:

  • The innermost core is constituted of the capsicum layer.
  • The middle layer is made up of ingredients preserving the pepper extract.
  • The outermost layer is a non-irritating layer which helps you utilize the capsicum without any gastric irritation which can be caused by any ‘hot’ substance.

The supplement is available in capsule form and in a pack of 30 capsules. Easy to digest, the pack lasts for a month as you are supposed to take one capsule per day.

Ingredients Used to Make Capsiplex

Unlike many manufacturers who tend to keep the composition and ingredients of their product a secret, Bauer Nutrition has been quite candid in disclosing all the ingredients constituting this weight loss pill.

Foremost, the pill is made up of all-natural substances and thus is completely organic in nature. However, it is not a pure vegan product, and hence vegetarians need to bear this in mind while consuming the product.

It has a unique 5-hydroxytryptophan or 5HTP formula, i.e., it contains five popular and clinically proven thermogenic and power improving agents which work cohesively to yield some spectacular results. The leading ingredients are:

  • Capsicum extractExtracted from the red chili, the capsicum extract is extremely hot in nature and is known for its spectacular thermogenic properties. The extract from spicy peppers is known to heat the core which increases the body temperature and thus triggers the metabolic rate to shoot higher.Therefore, you are able to boost both energy and heat consumption without any physical effort from your side. It also stimulates lipolysis in the body due to which the deposited fat in the body is being melted down to release energy for the body. Its amount present in one capsule of about 500 mg is about 80.34 mg.
  • Caffeine anhydrousWe all know of the caffeine as a strong stimulant which releases instant energy. According to the latest medical research, caffeine plays a crucial role in increasing the consumption of ‘rest energy’ used by the body. Apart from it, caffeine can also improve your focus as well as increase the endurance of your body.It also helps in suppressing the appetite to an extent. It can reduce the mood swings and anxiety and tend to make you more alert. Few studies suggest that it also boosts fat oxidation and lipolysis to help you lose fat more easily.On the flip side, a higher level of caffeine is known to increase adrenaline levels and cause some side effects. With this in mind, the manufacturer had kept the caffeine dose within limits of 138 mg per capsule.
  • PiperineThis is another ‘hot’ ingredient extracted from black pepper. This alkaloid not only lends flavor to the supplement but also increases the bioavailability as well as ease absorption of important nutrients from the food.It does this by impeding the action mode of certain enzymes which would otherwise attack any molecules from outside source and destroy them. Thus, it not only makes the supplement more powerful and effective but also makes you more resistant to any illness or disease. One capsule of the supplement contains 5 mg of this extract.
  • Niacin or Vitamin B3 – Niacin is an ingredient popularly known as vitamin B3. This vitamin plays a crucial role in combating both physical and mental fatigue and keeps your energy levels high. The ingredient is also a terrific vasodilator. It not only helps in regulating the cholesterol level in the body but also helps in the proper metabolization and utilization of proteins, carbohydrates, and One capsule of Capsiplex contains about 16 mg of this ingredient.

Apart from the above active ingredients, the supplement has some inactive ingredients like stearate, brown rice flour and magnesium which are bundled as one ingredient. Finally, all the ingredients are completed with gelatin which makes it a non-vegan supplement.

The working mechanism and safety aspect of Capsiplex supplementcapsiplex burn calories

The working mechanism of the Capsiplex supplement is to boost the body’s metabolism by inducing a thermogenic effect so that you burn more calories than when you are exercising or dieting.

The supplement is foremost absolutely safe to consume as it has all-natural ingredients and no chemical components. While it is not absolutely free of side-effects they vary from person to person and are on the minimal to non-existent side.

The greatest news about this supplement is that its effectiveness has been well-established by various clinical studies. This increases the reliability of the product as very few diet pills have any real substantiated evidence backing their claims.

According to the scientific research carried out the supplement can help you burn three times more calories prior to exercise and about three percent more of calorie burning during the exercise regime.

Compared to other diet pills it burns about 278 calories more before and after exercise. This helps you get rid of the flab in a more natural and effective manner.

In a nutshell, the supplement works by:

  • Burning more fats and carbohydrates
  • Suppressing your appetite to help you naturally reduce the intake of calories
  • Stimulating the fat and carbohydrate oxidation
  • Boosting the thermogenesis (increased temperature) in the body to burn more energy naturally
  • Increased burning of calories

In the later stages of the pill consumption the supplement further increases the level of energy in the body and increases your stamina and endurance to help you burn more calories and fats.

While the manufacturer does not suggest any diet or exercise regime along with the supplement but inculcating it would definitely accelerate the weight loss goals.

What and when to expect the results?

The beauty of the Capsiplex supplement is that it helps you lose quality weight in a controlled manner and thus not appear ill or haggard. While the Capsiplex supplement is no magic pill, it does not take too long to manifest its spectacular work. Its results vary from person to person and depend on the starting weight.

On a standard note if you wish to lose 14lbs you can expect a loss of about 4 lbs. in the first week and an average of 2 lbs every consecutive week after that.

capsiplex results

capsiplex before after

capsiplex weight loss results

How to consume Capsiplex supplement?

The supplement is quite easy to take. You are just required to consume one pill a day. It is best to take the pill with a glass of water about 30 to 60 minutes before your exercise session.

This makes the supplement ready to act when you start your exercise. You can also consume it 30 to 60 minutes before your breakfast.

Pros of Capsiplex supplement

As already stated, the supplement has numerous studies on its structure and mode of action which establish its effectivity and reliability. There are several benefits of choosing this supplement over other similar products available in the market. Few of the leading benefits are –

  • Foremost, it is very easy to use. Unlike most supplements which you need to take two to three times a day you need to take this supplement just once a day.
  • All the ingredients used in the supplement are tested, listed and certified which makes the supplement safe and secure to use.
  • Backed by several clinical studies and its unique formulation and structure the supplement gives you result in minimum time.
  • Unlike other capsicum supplements the Capsiplex pills do not cause any stomach irritation or any other problems.
  • The supplement has proved to be equally effective for both males and females.
  • You are able to lose weight effortlessly with it without starving yourself.
  • It boosts both your energy and body endurance and stamina to leave you more active and healthier.
  • It strengthens your immunity system and increases your body resistance to any disease and potential illness.
  • It also helps you fight mood swings and anxiety to leave you more active.
  • Because some of its ingredients are vasodilators it ensures enhanced blood flow through the veins and arteries for better transportation and supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles.

Cons of the Capsiplex supplement

No supplement can be perfect, and this is no exception. Few noteworthy cons associated with the supplement are:

  • The supplement is only available online. Thus, you cannot find it in any physical shop.
  • While it does help in the suppression of appetite the Capsiplex supplement does not claim to contain any appetite suppressants.
  • The product is not recommended for any person below 18 years of age. ‘
  • The supplement should not be consumed by anyone allergic to chilis and its associated products.


Side-effects of the Capsiplex Supplement

The best thing about the supplement is that there are no verified and established side-effects associated with the supplement. Few have complained about ‘warm flushing’ on the face, but that too disappears within a short span of time.

However, it can show some side-effects associated with caffeine consumption to people who are allergic to caffeine. The intensity can vary from person to person. Few symptoms most commonly seen are –

  • Nervousness and restlessness.
  • Burning sensation and enhanced stomach acidity.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Increased respiration.
  • Nausea

If any person experiences these symptoms which are turning grave they must discontinue the supplement and seek medical advice. On a general note, the supplement is not recommended for pregnant ladies, breastfeeding and nursing mothers and people with poor health.

The supplement is also not advised for diabetic people as it can worsen the condition. The supplement should also be discontinued at least two weeks before any surgery is undertaken.

Our analytical take on the Capsiplex supplement

Based on the clinical studies and the evidence furnished, the Capsiplex supplement definitely gets the go for a must-try by all those aspiring to lose weight. The rave customer reviews and testimonials by various users of the supplement further justifies its place as one of the best diet supplements available in the market.

The combination of Capsicum and caffeine makes for an effective fat-fighting combination. While its formula is reasonably tame if compared to other potently-dosed weight loss pill available in the market, its results tend to exceed them.

The supplement has numerous reviews from common people as well as celebs. Most of the reviews are positive which established its authenticity. It gives spectacular results to both an average person as well as professionals like actors, sports people, and others.

Even though the supplement is available exclusively on the internet, it can be easily ordered on its official website as well as leading shopping websites like Amazon, GNC, Walmart, etc.

The product can be ordered and is shipped free to all countries around the globe. Thus, anybody on any part of the world can order and achieve their weight loss goals with its help. Finally, we can conclude, that the Capsiplex supplement should be the first choice for anybody aspiring to shed the excess flab from the body and gain a slim and toned body. It can be your ultimate partner in losing weight.

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