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Dukan Diet: A Proven Technique For Weight Loss

by Michael Davis

Obesity is widely prevailing health issues across the globe in the folks of all ages. From kids to men and women, it is that one problem that is common amongst all genders and ages whose cure is available in almost all systems of medical science.

But fruitfulness of all treatments is still to be proved by many sciences as long-lasting effects and harmlessness are still under a question mark.

It has been always said and universally proven that lifestyle is one of the main causes of oodles of flab on your body and whose shedding is no easy task.

Weight loss is a dream of every third person as obesity has now overshadowed slim and fit body and very high percentage of people suffers from it. A major section of the world today is striving hard to get back in shape and to bring back in shape.

Dukan Diet plan was introduced by a nutritionist and French General Practitioner ‘Pierre Dukan’ in the year 2000 that mainly comprises of diets to follow along with some instructions.

He published his idea and approach for weight loss in the year 2000 in his book Je ne Sais maigrir which meant in English as ‘I don’t know how to get slimmer’ and it won best seller of the year award.

The Dukan Diet Book was published in almost 14 languages and gained wider exposure internationally thereon with almost 7 millions editions internationally. It was introduced in the UK in May 2010 and in 2011 in the United States of America.

dukan diet plan for weight loss


Let Us Give You A Closer Insight Into The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a commercial diet cult, based on protein which was structured by Pierre Dukan aiming at the rapid shedding of weight along with providing other numerous health benefits.

It assured quick loss of 10 pounds in just seven days only if the Diet rule prescribed is strictly followed. Oat bran, lean protein, intake of water and a routine 20 minutes rigorous walk are the core of his layout and is based on the notion that limited intake of carbohydrate leads to fat burns in the body.

In other words, we can say that individuals on a diet are not laid any kinds of restriction with respect to eating as long as the food is mentioned in the diet plan or list.

Inclusions In Dukan Diet

The Dukan French Diet involves the intake of lots of protein and oat bran. More than a hundred items are included in the diet which can be eaten in any quantity.

Obese individuals are supposed to follow instructions of his diet plan which is segregated into four steps which when followed helps to cut down fat from distinct areas of your body.

Its four stages are Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilization. Have a look under for detailed information on all phases:

Attack Phase

It is the primary stage of his diet plan which extends for the duration of early ten days. An individual looking for a fat burn is suggested to eat lean protein only with no limitation, in addition to 1.5 tablespoons of Oat bran with at least 6 cups of water.

There is again no limitation on consumption of water, but again 6 cups are the minimum quantity of water that must be a part of the daily diet.

This stage aims to give a kick-start to the metabolism in a week or maximum ten days along with targeting rapid loss of 2 to 3 kilograms in the above-mentioned span. Dieters are permitted to gulp any of the 68 protein-rich foods in any quantity.

Cruise Phase

Unlike the first stage, Cruise stage can extend up to months until the desired target is achieved. Or target of 1kg loss is prefixed for every week which also depends on the health condition of the individual.

It comprises of non-starchy veggies alternatively along with an extra half tablespoon of oat bran. 28 specific vegetables are prescribed during this phase excluding potatoes and avocados. Dieters need not to switch off tolerated foods as long as an increase in weight is not observed.


It is the third stage and also is the time when you can enjoy veggies each and every day along with 2 slices of whole grain bread, 1 servings of a spoon full of hard cheese and a fruit every day.

During this span, one can also have once or twice party food and starchy food maximum twice a week. It in fact aids in preventing weight put-on in future and this is why it involves some restricted food in earlier stages but not frequently.


Earlier stages involve weight reduction while this fourth stage is utterly regarding maintenance of your current weight. After entering this stage, you are free to eat everything you have been craving for and of course are fond of, but only 6 days a week.

On the seventh day which is sheer on your choice, you got to follow the diet of attack phase listed with protein intake rules. You are also supposed to eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran a day and walk every day for at least 20 minutes.

Dieters now have complete liberty to chew sugar-free gum, spices, sip coffee without sugar or with minimal sweetener, tea and artificial sweeteners. In place of alcohol, you can have a glass of wine per day during consolidation and stabilization stage.

As per Dukan, the instructions of the last stage should be followed throughout rest of the life to stay slim and trim.

Food Items Permitted And Disallowed

Every phase involves a list of things to eat and not to consume, here’s list of items in detail –

Attack Phasedukan diet food list

This phase is centered on a high protein diet and includes following food articles with low calories:

      • Skinless poultry
      • Lean beef, bison, veal and venison.
      • Eggs
      • Shellfish and fish
      • Tempeh and Tofu
      • Non-fat dairy products with the restriction to 1kg per day: yogurt, cottage cheese, ricotta and milk.
      • 1 tablespoon of oil
      • 5 Litres of water daily( mandatory)
      • 5 tablespoon of oat bran every day ( mandatory)
      • Lemon juice and pickles in minimal quantity.

Cruise Phase

It involves an alternate diet during this phase. One day the dieters are supposed to restrict to the diet specified as per in attack phase list and on the other, they have the choice to shuffle amongst any of the following vegetables along with diet allowed in the Attack phase:

      • Bell peppers
      • Spinach, lettuce, kale and other green leafy vegetables.
      • Artichokes
      • Cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprout and broccoli.
      • Eggplants
      • Asparagus
      • Cucumbers.
      • Leeks, shallots and Onion.
      • Spaghetti squash.
      • Celery
      • Green beans.
      • Turnips
      • 1 serving of beets or carrots daily.
      • 2 tablespoon of oat bran every day.

Dieters are strictly instructed to avoid other fruits and vegetables. Other than above, 1 tablespoon of oils is permitted to grease the pan.

Consolidation Phase

Hereafter the above two stages, dieters can relax a bit and are given options to eat any of the foods from above two phases along with the following foods:

Bread – 2 slices of whole grain bread and little fat-free butter or spread.

Cheese– Not more than 40 grams of cheese every day

Fruits– Just 1 serving of fruit daily like 1 cup of chopped melon, 2 kiwis, plums, 2 apricots, 1 medium apple, pear, orange, peach or nectarine.

Starches– Maximum 2 servings of starches every week like 225 gram of pasta and other grains like rice, potatoes, corn or beans.

Protein meal– One complete protein day per week comprising of food prescribed under Attack phase.

Celebration meal– You can enjoy party food just twice a week. Parties are incomplete without dessert, wine and appetizers and therefore one sweet, a glass of wine and also one appetizer can be consumed by the dieter.

Oat Bran– 2.5 tablespoons of oat bran daily on a mandatory basis.

Stabilization Phase

The last stage of the Dukan diet is only about maintaining the weight that you have on entering this phase. It doesn’t actually lay any restrictions, but dieters are supposed to do the following course of actions:

      • Plan one day of the week and have sheer protein diet.
      • Implement the dos and don’ts of consolidation phase in the day to day life.
      • Use stairs as much as possible
      • Don’t forget Oat bran and consume by default 3 tablespoons daily.

dukan french diet

Points You Must Know Before Switching To Dukan Diet

Hard For Vegetarians

First and foremost, Dukan diet is not a cup of tea for vegetarians or in other words it can be stated that vegetarians are going to have a tough time on switching to such a diet plan as it involves lean meat or other high protein non-vegetarian food during the attack phase.

Limited Consumption Of Fruits

Similarly, fruit lovers too are going to have juiceless days until you successfully enter in the consolidation stage. Even in the third stage, only one fruit a day is permitted. Say Goodbye to Banana and other fruits having high sugar content forever, if you really want to have a curvaceous figure.

Tedious To Follow

The basic rules which are vital to comply with while undergoing Dukan diet are difficult to follow as it actually gets tough to adhere to long diet plans rather people prefer to undergo crash diet for weight loss. The rules are complex and many of which are hard to remember for a longer span. Only highly disciplined candidates can follow so many guidelines and it is unlikely to be adopted by careless folks.

Not Good For Your Heart

The diet prescribed under the Dukan diet plan doesn’t hold good from the cardiovascular health aspect of an individual as the diet involves high cholesterol, triglycerides and sodium. The individual on a diet is more likely to suffer high blood pressure.

Adequate Water Consumption

This diet involves good intake of water and in case the person on such a diet does not emphasize on water intake, have a high chance of putting his kidney under danger.

Protein is toughest to digest for a kidney than carbohydrates and fat. Drink more than your regular water intake or more than minimum guided in this diet is suggested, as in such a case the filtration system is less expected to get damaged and thereby you can continue to have kidneys in good conditions.

Unadvisable For People With Diabetes

Dukan diet is not at all suitable for folks with diabetes. The diet short of carbohydrate in the attack stage is threatening to blood sugar level of the body.

Be Ready For Side Effects

Gear up for some of the bound to occur as you may encounter side effects like lack of energy, headaches, constipation and bad breath. Some of these are really pathetic, but if you chose to lose weight, then you must get ready to face these adverse impacts on your body .

Low Nutrient Diet

In addition to sodium, other minerals and vitamins like potassium, vitamin D, healthy fats and fiber’s content too is low in this diet. The major concern that strikes is that Dukan diet is long-term dieting plan and it can lead to health issues in case the deficiency of minerals and vitamins persists for a really long span.

Individuals With The History Of Gout Are Not Advised To Undergo It

Dukan diet is strictly not advisable to people with the history of gout. High protein intake in fact worsens the condition instead of helping in weight loss program pursued by those prone to gout.


It is vital to know the cost of undergoing the diet as you need to spend a lot on things to eat along with online coaching for a really long span. It costs approximately $29.99 per month but it may vary from time to time.


For those intending to get help, you can visit on its official website see the recipes, success stories of people and also get support as well as guidance from coaches to get through successfully every phase.

Does The Dukan Diet Really Work?

This plan comprises of items rich in lean protein rather than those food items rich in saturated fats. A high protein diet makes one feel charged and energetic always.

The disappointing element in this diet is that it does not inculcate good and healthy eating habit in individuals. It suggests going on consolidation until the weighing machine shows the desired weight.

Don’t you think dieting in consolidation phase could result in a deficiency of other vital nutrients of the body?

It does work in the case when less weight is to be reduced. Folks over 50 years of age and having multiple health issues like diabetes should first consult their doctor as this diet has favorable as well as negative impacts.

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